Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Snails & Slugs Love Beer

Snails PestsI have a feeling snails and slugs are going to be an issue next spring. The snails with shells are EVERYWHERE, but I haven’t seen them eating on anything yet. The slugs are the immediate problem. I’ve spotted them eating on my lettuce seedlings and roaming about in my compost bin. Luckily there’s a simple and safe solution to control these garden pests, and that’s with Beer!

During the day you can see the slug slime trails glimmering in the sun, and they often lead to my raised garden bed. Growing up, my Mom used a shallow foil pie pan, added beer, and then the slugs would soon follow. For some reason they’re attracted to the beer. They get a whiff of it, climb in and drown. And by the looks of it, it’s more effective and safer than chemicals from the hardware store.

slugs in beer Yes it’s gross. But it beats bite marks in your lettuce.

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