Thursday, August 13, 2009

fastfood@home: Egg McMuffin

Homemade Egg McMuffinHere’s my version of the Egg McMuffin. At least in this one I know what’s in the egg squares and I can substitute American cheese with real cheddar. And it’s simple and fast.

First, lay some foil down on a cookie sheet that has sides, and cook your bacon at 350-degrees until crispy. It seems to bring out the best texture and flavor versus frying it on the stove-top.

Second, split your English muffins and put in the toaster. Lightly butter them once done. Also thinly slice some cheddar so it’ll be ready once the egg is done.

Third scramble an egg and put in a small heated frying pan that is well oiled with cooking spray. Roll the pan around to get the egg even throughout. As the egg begins to set up, flip the egg over. Cook until desired doneness and fold in half, and then fold again. You should have four layers of a neat, egg triangle.

Just add your egg, cheese and bacon to the English muffins and you’re done. Faster than trudging to the drive-thru for sure.

McDonalds Egg McMuffin

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  1. That looks so good right about now.