Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Dew for Diet Drinkers

100975-VIOLETlarge I drink way too much Diet Mtn. Dew. Its fake sweeteners, colors and chemicals have me hooked. But each summer, it seems, only the regular Dew drinkers get crazy new flavors. But finally, we diet drinkers get a new Mtn Dew Flavor you won’t find in regular Dew. And it just launched for a limited time.

“The new beverage, which is a combination of the light citrus flavor of Diet Mountain Dew with mixed berries will be available in stores across the US for 12 weeks beginning August 10, 2009.”

I finally found some at my local Target and the 12-pack cases were on sale. I have to say they’re pretty good. It’s refreshing change from the the Regular Diet Mtn Dew. It’s too bad they’re only for a limited time.

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