Wednesday, October 14, 2009

snack attack: Snickers Fudge Candy Bar

Snickers Fudge Candy Bar I love snickers and I love fudge. So someone decided to put the two together. I first heard about this limited edition Snickers bar months ago, so I was looking forward to taking my first bite. Little did I know, finding this thing was a going to be a challenge. I could spend $11.00 for a box of them at Sam’s Club, or I could just hope it would end up in a local store where I could just buy one, or three. Luckily I waited.

Snickers FudgeMy local Walgreens finally had them in stock, located right at the cash register. This Snickers tastes like a Snickers, but with some big changes. The caramel is replaced with creamy fudge dotted with peanuts. The normal nougat is replaced with a thinner strip of peanut butter nougat. It definitely has the good old fashioned fudge taste with a hint of the peanut butter. It was worth the wait. And yes, it seems new candy excites me.

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